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‘Bombslinger’ Has a Rather Explosive Revenge Tale to Tell in the Wild West

It’s pretty much a fact that when disputes are to be settled in the Wild West, guns do the talking, often with deadly results to boot. Bombslinger will have none of that though, instead taking care of business with… explosives! KABOOM! Yeah! Guns are too darn imprecise anyway, making bombs so much better suited to help its protagonist get his long-sought revenge.

Not that you’ll simply be playing a western-themed Bomberman here, even if the two do have more than a few things in common. Come to think of it, such a game would still be quite groovy without much else, ya know? But it’s still a good thing that Bombslinger takes it a step further, throwing in a slew of items (even more than its inspiration, I’d wager), procedurally generated levels and of course, 4-player adversarial action. Because who hasn’t dreamt of blowing their friends up at some point?

Could always take on three AI-controlled opponents instead though, for those times when you need something more chaotic, less story-driven. Trust me, it’ll happen eventually; no matter how enticing Bombslinger‘s revenge-driven tale might be, there’s just something about duking it out with other people/AIs in a chaotic and explosive ‘last man standing’ battle. What better way to prove, once and for all, that you’re… TNT? That you’re… dynamite? Anyway, time to lit every last fuse and run for the hills!

Bombslinger is available on Steam, Xbox One and Switch, carrying a $11.99 price tag.

Bombslinger Release trailer