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‘BIT.TRIP FATE’ (PC/Mac) Release: Ride, Glide and Shoot With CommanderVideo


It’s been a long time coming, but now the final chapter of the BIT.TRIP saga has arrived on Steam. Starring everyone’s favorite runner, CommanderVideo, BIT.TRIP FATE continues the series trend of playing unlike any of the other entries: this time he’ll be gliding along a predetermined (and wavy) path, shooting everything in sight to get a combo going and, well, survive!

If I had to describe BIT.TRIP FATE, it’d be as a “rail shooter”. CommanderVideo is on a rail and… you know, he shoots stuff! But there’s more to it than that. Your ‘freedom’ is restricted to moving back and forth on a rail, and the screen constantly scrolls, so you’ll also have to constantly be on the move while lining up shots to get rid of hazards in your path. Sounds easy enough, and it is. Kinda.

Having previously played the original Wii release of BIT.TRIP FATE, let me tell ya, this is one of those ‘deceptive’ experiences. On the surface, it’s a simple affair of gliding along, shooting all the right things and avoiding collisions. However, the restrictions on where the poor commander can be at any time – since the ‘track’ curves – places the difficulty level on a rollercoaster ride of sorts. Never quite reaches the insanity of BIT.TRIP BEAT or BIT.TRIP RUNNER‘s later stages though, but still.

Ride the vibe in BIT.TRIP FATE to discover where CommanderVideo’s true mission will take him.

Now, I’ve gone on more than a few adventures with CommanderVideo. From running a hectic obstacle course to partaking in a trippy ball-and-paddle game and blasting beats with laser beams, we’ve been through a lot. Hasn’t always been easy and some was definitely more fun than the rest, but we got through it, me and this little alien. As we all know, however, every journey must come to an end, and the PC (and Mac) arrival of the 2010 hit, BIT.TRIP FATE, will finally allow those without a Wii (and those who simply prefer playing games on a computer) to close the book on this saga.

Runner 2

Another has been opened with the release of BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, though, and who knows what the future (and Gaijin Games) has in store for CommanderVideo?

BIT.TRIP FATE is available on Steam, where VOID, CORE, RUNNER, BEAT and of course, BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, can also be purchased.

Official BIT.TRIP FATE Trailer