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‘Beavers Be Dammed’ Hits Early Access, Bring a Friend Along for Timbering Lumber Heists

It’s time to put your skills to the test and be the best beaver you can be, stealing timber from an evil lumberjack (trust me, he’s truly evil)… with a friend. That last bit shouldn’t really come as a surprise. I mean, did you really expect one lone beaver to carry huge logs across great distances while avoiding numerous deadly hazards? Really? Maybe if Beavers Be Dammed was a Disney movie (which it obviously isn’t). So again, bring a friend – even if it means wandering out to recruit one.

One thing to note before you start lumbering timber (wait, what?) with your partner-in-crime: fire bad. The reason I bring this up is that, well, there may come a time when you feel the urge to push that other beaver into a fiery pit. Why? Oh, just because you can. It’ll hinder progress, sure, but only temporarily, and wars aren’t generally started over minor setbacks. Besides, who’s to say he/she/it isn’t planning to do the exact same to you, simply waiting for the most opportune moment before attempting similar shenanigans? No one, that’s who. It’s going to happen, mark my words.

That said, even when you’re able to work together as a fine-tuned machine, there are still hazards to dodge and terrain to navigate; both of which are likely challenge just about any eager beaver(s). From lasers and sawblades to aforementioned fiery pits and even flamethrowers (just what kind of sawmill is this?!), there’ll be plenty to avoid. Unless your goal is to raise the death count of beavers of course, in which case… wait… no. Actually, don’t do that. Beavers are cool, man. Beavers are cool.

In Beavers Be Dammed your objective is to steal wood from sawmills before the time runs out. To bea-very specific, you and a beaver buddy gnaw your way into the mill, locate the timber and maneuver those heavy logs towards the drop-off point.

Anyway, Beavers Be Dammed will be in Early Access until August, 2018, at which point it will either acquire a price tag or ‘have priced features’ (no loot boxes, please). While content and/or features are likely to change between now and then, the game will remain a multiplayer experience. No AI-controlled beavers will be hurt durin– right. Who am I kidding? With that many hazards, and even more on the way, plenty beavers will be hurt, even killed. So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend – or enemy – and stick it to that evil lumberjack, Beavers Be Dammed!

Beavers Be Dammed [Early Access] is available from Steam, for free (until August, 2018).

Beavers Be Dammed – Steam Early Access