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‘Attack of the Earthlings’ – Defend Your Homeworld Against Human Invaders or Die Trying

It seems I’m not the only one who’s a bit tired of always playing the good guys, as it were, because Attack of the Earthlings is one of those much too rare turn-based strategy titles that has you playing as the bad guys (ie. aliens). Long live the Swarmers! Death to all humans!

That said, in a way, I suppose humans are actually the bad guys here, the Galactoil corporation caring about little aside from monetary gains, everyone and everything else be damned. Unfortunately for them, their greed has lead them to Planet X13 where Swarmers reside, and these guys are hungry! Time to munch on some human flesh, because… nom nom nom?

Seriously though, it’s not just about turning the tables on that pesky bunch for food, even if that is a pretty big part of it. No, laying waste to every human that dares set foot on the Swarmers’ homeworld serves another purpose too: recycling the corpses, transforming them into all-powerful allies with unique abilities, turning foe to friend, as it were. Nasty stuff.

Take control of unsuspecting workers, set traps, emerge from vents and hiding spots to take your human prey by surprise, and assault in groups to kill multiple enemies at once.

In a way, the trailer below kinda reminds me of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Just a bit, but still enough to make me even more eager to play Attack of the Earthlings, what with its overwatch, camera angles, tile-based layout, and other fun things. That and… who can say no to an experience like that, from the aliens’ perspective?

Attack of the Earthlings is available on Steam, carrying a $24.99 price tag.

Attack of the Earthlings Launch Trailer