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‘Ancient Aliens – The Roots of Sound’ Is a Tale Full of Danger and Ancient Technology


Meet Chet, a regular guy enjoying a relaxed lifestyle. His trumpet playing skills pays the bills, so nasty people won’t come knocking on his door. Well, until one night that is, when a French fella (Rondelle) stopped by to inquire about his late father’s work. Apparently he had made a great discovery and how’s this for a shocker: Rondelle’s employer wants it, no matter the price. Chet’s life just got a lot more interesting.

Nothing quite like not knowing just how valuable your father’s work was, until after he’s passed away… If only Chet and his dad had been closer, he might have known what was going on before Rondelle had approached him. Alas, that’s not how fate decided to spin this tale about a trumpet player from Chicago, who must now travel the world to unravel the great mystery presented before him.

Controlling Chet on his grand adventure is not quite as great a mystery however, since it keeps in line with traditional point ‘n’ click design: right mouse button to cycle commands (walk to/look at/manipulate/talk to) and the left button, well, I’m sure you can guess what it does. Even though the game doesn’t stray far from the norm, it does still look like an enjoyable and stylish adventure, with the usual assortment of puzzles, witty dialogue, some fourth wall breaking, and of course, danger around every corner (well, maybe not every single corner).

Even though there’s no mention of it in the AGS forum thread, according to its Game Jolt page, this is but the first part of three, meaning that Chet’s tale is only just getting started… Go on, grab it and get to clicking already – Chet needs your help!