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‘Along Came A Spider’ Spins a Web On PC

Along Came A Spider

If you’ve ever wanted to help a spider find its way home, this physics platformer just might be up your alley. Just make sure you’re ready for a challenging adventure though, because unlike cats, spiders don’t have the luxury of nine lives! They do have eight legs though, and in an odd twist, this game uses each and every last one of them.

In Along Came A Spider, the entire world is made of silk and as an itsy bitsy spider, your job is to make it through a total of 20 levels. Swinging and climbing your way through each level may look easy, but keep in mind that physics are part of the puzzle (in a manner of speaking) here. This means that the silk strings will actually bend as you move across them, but thankfully they’ll never snap. The same can’t be said about the arachnid you’re in control of, as getting fried by lasers and falling off-screen will send you back to the last checkpoint – provided you’ve still got legs (lives) left that is.

Early on, you’ll only be able to climb walls and jump around, but each victorious boss encounter grants you an additional (and rather helpful) ability. These include being able to hook onto marked areas, from which you can then swing around to your heart’s content, something I imagine you’ll be using a lot in the later levels. There are also 3 flies to collect in each level, and these are not just optional collectibles as you’ll need a certain number to unlock more levels. Certainly not a mechanic I’m fond of, but maybe they  actually aren’t in incredibly hard-to-reach places?

Feel like helping a poor little lost spider get back home? Then I’d recommend heading over to Along Came A Spider‘s Desura page, where both the full version and a demo are available.

Along Came A Spider (Indie Game)