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‘Adventures of Shuggy’ DLC Adds Several Levels of ‘Teleporting Troubles’

Shuggy's Teleporting Troubles DLC

Adventures of Shuggy is a 2D platformer from Smudged Cat Games where you play as a bat known as Shuggy. His mind is set on clearing a huge mansion of evil spirits, and it’s your job to help him! With several different puzzle mechanics in play here, there’s plenty here to keep puzzle fans busy throughout the more than 100 gem-filled levels. These range from simple rope swinging and screen rotation, to far more logic-defying things like time travel and cloning, along with turning poor Shuggy into a zombie, teleporting him all over the place, and plenty other shenanigans.

And if that wasn’t enough, how does making Shuggy’s life even more puzzling sound? The brand new (free!) DLC called Shuggy’s Teleporting Troubles adds 40 new levels to the PC version, and these puzzles include.. a second teleporter! Head spinning yet? It just might, by the time you’ve finished these new levels, but that certainly doesn’t decrease its value. So thank you, Smudged Cat Games.

In case you don’t have this great game yet, it’s available either directly from the developer, on Steam or Desura for $5, with a demo available from the last two. Those who prefer their 360 can also pick it up for $5 from XBLA, but sadly without the DLC.

Adventures of Shuggy Trailer (May 2012)

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