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A Few XBLIG Games Recently Had Their Prices Slashed


Since they all had their pricetag reduced to 80 MSP – some from as much as 400 MSP – I figured, why not share the news?

Beat Hazard (original price: 400 MSP)
“Experience YOUR music collection like never before with this intense arcade shooter. Includes 10 kicking tracks to get you started.”

Sadly it doesn’t seem to include (or even have) the Ultra DLC, but for more information, why not check out my review of the PC version first (they can’t be that different, after all)?

Dysnomia (original price: 240 MSP)
“Your ship has made an emergency landing near the mining outpost on Dysnomia. All attempts to make contact with the base have failed. Your mission: Repair your ship and find out what happened here. A fast-paced futuristic shooter with exploration and survival elements.”

Orbitron Revolution (original price: 240 MSP)
“Launch into a relentless battle against a robotic horde bent on the destruction of an Orbital Power Station. Blast your way through three intense game modes with one of two selectable space fighters. Compete against other Xbox Live Gold members for high score bragging rights. Beautiful 3d graphics and a soundtrack by Audio Antics await you in Orbitron: Revolution!”

Also out for PC, and sold at Gamersgate among other places.

Rotor’scope (original price: 400 MSP)
“Rotor’scope – The Secret of the Endless Energy” is an addictive and challenging puzzle game in which the player’s intelligence, logic and spatial perception are put to test. Help Jullie and Traveller solve the mystery behing the disappearance of the famous inventor of the endless energy. Create your own puzzles, publish your score on Facebook and challenge your friends!

“Publish your score on Facebook”? Nah, I spam people there enough already!