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‘Mega Man’ Inspired ’20XX’ Heading For Consoles Next Month

While not as popular as its inspiration, 20XX has enjoyed quite the success still, both during and after leaving Early Access on Steam. Good thing too, seeing how its upcoming console ports probably wouldn’t have happened, had the roguelike action platformer flopped. But it didn’t, and as such, the dream of having 20XX on Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4… is about to come true!

For those not familiar with it, 20XX is an attempt to merge classics like Mega Man – right down to the aesthetics – with more modern feats like procedurally generated stages and, you know, widescreen support. While the latter might give you an earlier indication of what lies ahead, the former means you won’t be able to get by through memorization here; you’ll actually have to rely more on skill, reflexes, and such, instead. Which is a good thing if you ask me.

Now, a lot of games with stages that change every time you play them tend to be lacking in other areas, but that’s not the case here at all. There’s daily/weekly challenges, co-operative multiplayer (local and online!), loads of powerups to collect, optional difficulty modifiers and… there’s probably something I forgot. Happens.

But while that’s all pretty groovy, chances are you’re reading this for details on the upcoming console releases, so here we go: Switch and PlayStation 4 on July 10, Xbox One on July 11 – this year. Note: all three will be bundled with the Hawk DLC.

20XX is available on Steam, carrying a $19.99 price tag.

20XX Announce Trailer