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Back to the 80’s, Back to BASIC(s): ZX Spectrum BASIC Jam Has Begun!

About time we got another ZX Spectrum game jam, ya know? It may not be directly related to the Speccy Jams, but that doesn’t matter. What does is, more ZX Spectrum games will be made over the course of the next 12 days. A lot more actually, if all 76 who have signed up at the time of writing end up with something playable. While that would be undeniably great, time will tell who masters the art of BASIC…

I may have grown up playing Commodore 64 games rather than ZX Spectrum stuff, but you know, BASIC is BASIC, whether it be Commodore BASIC, Sinclair BASIC or something else entirely. So long as it’s BASIC, it can be used for this particular game jam. Oh, and this probably goes without saying, but… you’ll probably want to use an emulator to test your creation on. Although if you wanna go the extra mile and somehow get the code to run on the actual hardware, why not? Sure would be an impressive feat.

10 PRINT “Hello World “;
20 GOTO 10

On top of being limited to BASIC, there are a few other rules. For starters, your game must be either categorized as one or more of the following: arcade/platformer, adventure (text or graphical), strategy/board. BASIC… text… adventure. Oh man. That sure takes me back. Right. Anyway, another restriction: between 100 and 500 lines of code. Shouldn’t be too hard, since we’re talking about BASIC here. And last but not least, .tap, .z80, or .sna files.

Still here? Good. Time to get started then. Check the ZX Spectrum BASIC Jam website for more details, and… best of luck.