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‘ZombIdle’ Launch Problems Shows Cloning Is Still Running Rampart On the App Store


It’s disgusting how some people almost seem to take pleasure in cloning other people’s games for a quick buck, rather than, oh I don’t know, coming up with something themselves. Worse yet is what happened with Berzerk Studio’s ZombIdle, as that title was all but stolen before they even had a chance to launch it on the App Store! Disgusting.

What should, for all intents and purposes, have been a smooth iOS release, turned into a bit of a nightmare, courtesy of Chinese Eyogame Studio having “reserved” the name ZombIdle there. Wow. Oh and this one wasn’t the first to fall prey to this particular company’s greed either. Hobo (by Seething Swarm), Jumpman Adventure (aka. Fancy Pants, originally by Borne Games) and Super Sneak (by Aline and Vladislav Forsh) all reside in Eyogame Studio’s… questionable library.

These games are not even clones, this is straight up stealing.  They didn’t even changed the name of the game! And they were prepared to do the same thing with us and ZombIdle.

Fortunately, this story does have a happy ending, even if it doesn’t involve the removal of a certain studio from the App Store: a video, which can be seen below, apparently made enough noise for someone to notice and take action, enabling Berzerk Studio to share the proper version of said game with iOS users across the globe. Yay, success!


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