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‘ZeroRanger’ Brings an Endless Cycle of SHMUP Life and Death… in Eight Colors

Things are looking mighty grim, GREEN ORANGE having begun its invasion and all. Mighty grim indeed. So much that the only hope that remains is that you, the player, will jump into one of two so-called ‘secondary fighters’ and… blast this threat to smithereens. Maybe figure out just what is going on in ZeroRanger while you’re out there anyway, eh?

Hope you prefer gameplay over story in this genre (which I’m sure most do), because that’s pretty much all you’re going to get in terms of plot. So now it’s time to kill a bunch of alien invaders, powered only by a meager aircraft. Well, ‘meager’ might be underselling the vessel through which players get to rain down destruction on GREEN ORANGE across the four stages of “enlightenment & relentless action”, given its weapons and abilities. Both of which you’ll get to unlock plenty of as you go about blasting everything in sight.

But as you grow stronger, so does your understanding of the true nature of your adversary…

Scanlines? Available from the get-go, for that old-school feel. Speaking of which, TATE (screen rotation) is also immediately available, as is colorblind mode. Not included in the package is… the skill required to send those pesky aliens packing. That you will have to provide yourself. But practice will make perfect in the endless bullet-filled cycle of life and death that is ZeroRanger.

Note: demo – and a few oddities – can be found on the official website.

ZeroRanger is available on Steam, carrying a $11.99 price tag.

ZeroRanger – Everything Will Come Together