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‘10000000’ Expansion-Turned-Sequel Announced: ‘You Must Build A Boat’

You Must Build A Boat

There’s no shortage of match-3 games on mobile devices, yet somehow, 10000000 still managed to enthrall players of all ages, with its mix of tile-swapping and dungeon running. But that was years ago, and the big content update that was planned never saw the light of day. Taking its place will be the sequel, You Must Build A Boat. So… what do we know about it?

Not a whole lot actually, but more than enough to catch my interest! Part of the reason for this is that far as I can tell, it will be a more complex experience in which just about every aspect has been improved upon. Remember how in 10000000 you were stuck in a dungeon, forced to run through its dangerous halls over and over again?

Now keep that in mind as you read this next bit: the sequel will send you straight to Hell. Seriously, Hell. Fire, brimstone and all that jazz. That, along with the introduction of several other locales, means you’ll be doing quite a bit of exploration compared to that of the original. The core component will once again be tried-and-true match-3 though, albeit on a redesigned (and smaller) board; a very welcome change.

You Must Build A Boat

You’ll also be able to capture ‘monsters’ and have them take care of various tasks, meaning you won’t have to build that boat all by your lonesome self. Neat. Oh and those who own 10000000 on either Humble or Steam come launch, will get the sequel for free though, while the Android and iOS version will be free for 24 hours – unless Luca Redwood, its creator, comes up with a better plan.

Suffice to say, the only bad part of all this is that there is no release date yet. They do say that all good things come to those who wait though, and I for one can’t wait to sail in You Must Build A Boat! In the meantime, if you don’t already own 10000000, I’d recommend grabbing it ASAP, as it is currently enjoying a hefty discount on both Steam, Humble, Android and iOS.