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Ladies (Gamedev) Night: Time to Register for the XX+ Games Jam

XX+ Games Jam

Ludum Dare, Asylum Jam, GBJam and other recurring game jams all have one thing in common – something the XX+ Games Jam doesn’t share. That one thing is, the lot takes place online. XX+ Games Jam is an offline / real-world event… and it’s for female (female, transgender and non-binary, that is) developers only. Groovy? Time will tell!

Color me crazy, but I think this is a great idea for several reasons. Ain’t nothing stopping women from getting into the game-making industry, save for old-fashioned crap like “women can’t code” and similar nonsense. As such, limiting the event to said gender should create a significantly less hostile environment over the course of its 24 hours, whether it be one of the UK spots or up north in Canada. All’s good. Or should be, hopefully.

No background in tech or previous programming experience is needed – we need artists, sound designers, organisers, writers – and enthusiasm to come up with cool game ideas!

Skill level requirement? None. Game type? Doesn’t matter. Physical, digital, board game, etc. – all accepted. What does however matter are the locations (quite a bit, in fact!), and these are as follows: Montreal / Toronto in Canada, Brighton / Bristol / Leamington Spa / London / Norwich in the UK. Remember, Google Maps is your friend. Just in case.

On the topic of locations – each only has room for twenty-four aspiring developers, so you’ll want to act fast with the registering and what-have-you. The event will be running from 6pm Friday 14th October to 6pm Saturday 15th October this year. Oh, the deadline for registration is 4th October, which is coming up quite soon, ya know? And finally… applicants must be at least eighteen years old.

(Source: Announcing the XX+ Games Jam)