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‘Wormhole City’ has Everyone Struggling for Even a Tiny Hint of Freedom… in Space

Technology can be a wondrous thing, and in Wormhole City, it has at least helped mankind reach the final frontier. Whether this is a good or a bad thing, however, depends on who you ask, diverging factions seemingly locked in neverending conflict for a taste of freedom (and control, in case the two do somehow end up going hand in hand). Amidst it all we find Acero Astra – its protagonist – who’s been tasked with… an escort mission?! Oh boy.

That said, I suppose getting to pilot a mech and blowing stuff up as you escort this here spaceship convoy might make it significantly more enjoyable. To some extent. It’s still an escort mission at the end of the day, groovy cyberpunk aesthetic and giant robots(!) aside. In all seriousness though, I’m sure you’ve already concluded as much, but… that is far from the game’s lone mission, as Space Force seems to have plenty for Acero Astra to do over the course of the game; Steam page even mentions how players will get to lay waste to “numerous enemies in kinetic fashion with land and space vehicles”. Well color me intrigued.

Another tidbit of importance that caught my eye was how “actions may affect NPC interactions”, which likely translates to “NPCs will remember whatever actions are taken”, much like that of certain Telltale titles. Generally speaking I do enjoy when games attempt to pull such a feat off, but there’s always the question of just how big an impact each choice will truly have on the world. Here’s hoping Wormhole City features a tale with more than mere miniscule consequences, and equally grand battles!

Wormhole City is available on Steam, carrying a $9.99 price tag.

Wormhole City Trailer

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