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‘while True: learn()’ Wants to Create a World Where Cats and Coding Go Hand in Hand

I know a lot about many an odd thing, but machine learning, neural networks, big data, and AI? Not really. And yet I’m more than a little interested in while True: learn(), in spite of having a history of being awful at puzzle games. A game which is about all those things and more. Also, and the protagonist’s cat is better at coding than him; shame it doesn’t speak human language… yet.

So naturally, that means you’re going to teach a cat to communicate with humans while solving puzzles and making a living from working with computers. At least I think that’s how it goes, by way of visual programming (as indicated by the above screenshot), messing with things that would normally require years of studying to make sense of. Fortunately, this game does not require any coding experience, significantly reducing the barrier to entry.

Drag objects around your screen with a mouse! Connect them with lines (oh yeah)! Try. Fail. Optimize. Try again. Then press “Release” button and see that sweet pieces of data flow smoothly through your screen.

Plenty puzzles await though, and when you’re not busy solving them all, be sure to check your email, because contracts! Money! Become the best data scientist in the entire world, perhaps even, in due time, the CTO of a startup? Anything’s possible, including playing dress-up with your cat (kinda). Or how about a self-driving car? Just keep in mind that, at any point, it can all come crumbling down. Such is the case with technology, but don’t let that stop you from exploring this wondrous world, one in which a new adventure (read: quest) resides around every corner. Oh, and above all else, don’t forget about your cat.

while True: learn() is available on Steam and Humble, carrying a $9.99 price tag; Android and iOS coming soon.

while True: learn() Trailer: Story Mode, New Features, Machine Learning Awesomeness

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