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Construct a World With Card Houses in ‘Where Cards Fall’ to Strengthen Fragile Memories

Ah, to be young again, building card houses to create a world full of puzzl– wait, what? Oh right. Video game. Forgot for a second that Where Cards Fall is in fact a video game, likely due to how amazing it would be to experience something like this in real life: a trip down memory lane through… actual card houses. Confused? Me too, but darn if this game doesn’t have immense potential.

Unfortunately, the above is also pretty much all I’ve been able to dig up about this surreal upcoming puzzler, which is set to launch this year (according to its Steam page). So while the wait will soon be over, provided Where Cards Fall doesn’t get delayed further, it does strike me as ever so slightly odd that more details aren’t available at the time of writing. On the other hand, the various screenshots and the trailer below were enough to put it on my radar and, you know, write about it. So there’s that?

At its core, Where Cards Fall explores how our most fragile memories of the past can become the strongest foundations of our future.

As for exactly what we’ll be doing with said card houses, according to the developer, each will “help you move through imaginative puzzles and bring vivid memories of adolescence to life”. One has to wonder just how much actual control the player has in terms of the whole world building aspect, and even more so, what kind of puzzles we can expect. And yet… I am still quite intrigued by what we do know about the game.

Where Cards Fall will be on Steam, iPhone/iPad/Apple TV and OS X, in 2018, carrying a TBD price tag.

Where Cards Fall – Release & Platforms Announcement Trailer