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Weekly Indie Update (Week 4 of 2012)


It’s been quite a week for all things indie gaming, especially here on my blog, but I’m sure everyone already knows that.Plenty happened outside my tiny corner of the Internet though, including no less than three updates for the beta of A Valley Without Wind. I haven’t played the demo enough to be able to tell how all the changes/fixes/additions affect it all, but here are the 3 patch notes: 0562, 0563, 0564.

Next up we have something not entirely beta related, though even when this game was still in beta its popularity skyrocketed with each update. I’m sure some of you have guessed that I’m talking about the indie giant known as Minecraft, and while I don’t usually bring up an interview outside the bullet point lists, I thought this one was worth the extra attention. The interview can be read on Gamasutra and, just as the title “Talking the Future of Minecraft” suggests, is mostly a discussion on what the future holds for Minecraft; especially now that Notch is no longer in charge!

Last week I mentioned the upcoming survival horror title, Thanatophobia from developer Death Knell Games, and this week I’ve also got a bit on a very interesting not-yet-released title. I’m of course talking about Gunpoint, a game I think a lot of people are really eager to play (myself included!). There isn’t a lot of new stuff though, but I did find one interesting newsbit in the article, however: The game is on track for a summer release. Awesome!
With that article being somewhat disappointing, it’s a good thing there is quite a bit more to find in a recent interview conducted by True PC Gaming, which can be read here!

That’s not all I have in the “upcoming” section though, as once again the developer blog for Almost Human Games’ first person dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock was updated and again, no bullet point lists (though I’ve brought my own in the, by now mandatory, lists below). Instead.. oh hang on, seems they’re getting into the comedy business this week! There is in fact one bullet point, which simply states “- Added bugs (LOL)”; anyone else hoping they mean that enemies now include insects and other nasty buglike creatures?
“For example there was a brief moment when all of our monsters were immortal but since it made the game a little too difficult, we had to fix it.” – kinda glad they did.. the rest can be read here.

Just like the week gone by all things must come to and end, including this post, so here are the lists!

First the interviews

Review time!