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Weekly Indie Update (Week 2 of 2012)

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..

It’s freezing outside, so why not spend some time with me as I detail the events of another week of indie gaming gone by? Have a seat by the fire and let’s get started!

It was not the most event-filled week ever, but 2012 is only just getting started and at least something noteworthy did happen:
The Legend of Grimrock blog saw no less than two updates (admittedly, one is from last week.. not sure how I missed it). That game is building up a lot of hype and if screenshots and videos are anything to go by, along with what can be read on the blog, there is massive hit potential.

Even though it’s still under development, a progress report, that reads more like a changelog or a list of patch notes, was posted and upon closer inspection it reveals a few details on some of the features in the game, but let’s not forget that it’s still in beta and that means things can change between now and launch.

That was the blog update I forgot to post about last week though, and this week brings yet more news on this fascinating dungeon crawler. The GUI now scales according to resolution, which I’m guessing means running it in 1920×1080 will not suffer under a tiny interface, over the much lower resolution of 1280×720?
I mentioned in a previous post how Legend of Grimrock is going to let you disable the map, should you feel like going old-school, and this time they reveal another feature that likely caters to the same crowd: Playing with on-screen arrow keys for navigation!
I don’t know about you guys, but personally that’s a bit too old-school for me, even though I grew up playing the Eye of the Beholder series..
For more details, head over here.

You know what else deserves a mention from the past week? My review of Antipole of course! As you can tell from my review, I do enjoy.. flying high, defying gravity.

We’re not quite done yet either! While I’m really excited about the upcoming Legend of Grimrock, it’s not out yet.. so let’s move onto something that is: Swift*Stitch.
Though released in early December of 2012, I only just got around to picking it up and reviewing it in the past week. Thankfully the developer really liked what I wrote (yay!).

With ramblings about Legend of Grimrock, Antipole and Swift*Stitch it’s time to wrap this one up and release it to the wilds that is the Internet, but not without the usual listings of reviews and interviews!

Now for some Q.U.B.E.!

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