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‘Washed Up!’ Twists ‘Tetris’ With a Top-Down Beach Perspective to Fight Pollution

No one likes a polluted beach, although in the case of Washed Up!, the pentominoes that keep washing onto land… can be removed rather easily (suck it, pentominoes): all you have to do is arrange the lot into squares of 3×3 – or bigger – to trigger a glorious elimination of blocks. Gotta be quick about it though, for the sea is a merciless beast.

With lots of blocks to choose from, surely this would be a trivial task, right? Yeah, I doubt that, somehow. Wouldn’t be much fun if there was no challenge to be found in Washed Up! after all, and then there’d be no point in the rather competitive Time Attack mode either. Could always try collecting the latters “STORM” from the island, I suppose, if you think you can handle the aftermath of a little beach-clearing havoc.

A different take on the puzzle-block-arranging genre that requires you to manage two sides at once, while giving you lots more choice of which blocks to place next. But can you think fast enough to outpace the waves?

If not, best stick to the more normal stuff, moving blocks into place, reversing time and firing off a cannon every now and then. Because that’s what passes for ‘normal’ here, and you better make the most of it if you are to survive the relentless onslaught of pentominoes on each beach. Oh, and as the trailer below also points out… do be sure not to let the pollution stack up, for too much will indeed trigger a game over. Now go help those poor crabs, eh?

Washed Up! is available on Steam, carrying a $11.99 price tag.

WashedUp! Launch Announcement Trailer