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Mic Check One, Two: Wadjet Eye Games Offering Hands-On Voiceover Assistance

Blackwell Epiphany

Recording vocals, easy. Recording vocals properly, not quite so. Nailing that high quality voiceover… for an entire video game? Tricky and time consuming – at the best of times. Where to go then? Well, Wadjet Eye Games, having done recording sessions for a multitude of games, may not be the cream of the crop, but they’re a dedicated bunch, packing a ton of experience. Oh and New York, because actor availability.

Now, before you scroll down to the bottom of this article for that all-important link, note that we are not talking about a free service here. They are “less expensive than most alternatives” though, or so is claimed, at least. And in case that’s not enough to trigger consideration, this next bit might help: project completion within weeks, not months, isn’t a rarity. Quite groovy.

I’ve progressed from the method of “casting various friends of mine and recording on a cheap headset mic in my bedroom” to “using a casting director and recording in a swank audio booth studio in Midtown Manhattan.”

Ain’t just about speeding up the process either, as Wadjet Eye Games will also help pick the right voices for your adventure, filtering those that wouldn’t fit the bill. Given the typical complexity of this particular aspect, not having to search on your own is bound to prove beneficial. Sure beats having to settle for someone with a high-pitched voice for that big bad ogre antagonist of your upcoming project. An amusing mix, albeit likely not quite what the game needs, and alternatives aren’t always plentiful. Just saying.

Those interested should email dave@wadjeteyegames.com, and sooner rather than later, ya know?

(Source: WEG now offering voiceover casting/directing/recording for your game)

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