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‘Voyageur’ Has an Infinite Galaxy to Explore, One Full of Choices, Wealth and… Danger?


In theory, the Descent Device is a wonderful thing, enabling the fastest form of travel mankind has experienced. Unfortunately, it has a rather large flaw: the journey with it, throughout Voyageur, is, for reasons unknown, one-way. Doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it, however, amassing large amounts of wealth as you embark on a grand adventure through the cold depths of space. Oh, and do be careful, as not everyone is friendly. I think. They don’t seem friendly, at least. Maybe they are?

Either way, however dangerous such a journey may or may not seem on paper, chances are it’s even more deadly in practice, the Descent Device being a piece of relatively unknown tech and all. That and, you know, the whole ‘no going back’ bit. On top of that, exactly what fate – or the game, rather – has in store for the player… is different for everyone, no two universes the same (wait, what?).

Because of this, those poor stranded souls on that strange looking asteroid may not be there next time, replaced by a hostile pirate ship lurking on its dark side. That’s just guesswork, though – I don’t know if either are in fact potential encounters in Voyageur. But what I do know is that a lot of exploration awaits, that you just might stumble upon mysterious artifacts, and even do a bit of trading on the side; possibly to keep that crew of yours happy, because money, am I right?

On a related note, whether you decide to bring someone along or leave them behind for the law to deal with instead – your call. Just remember that consequences are a thing in this interactive piece of science fiction (as they should be, deep space and all). That said, space is not a small place, and who’s to say you’ll ever see him / her / them / it again, seeing how you most certainly won’t be going back anytime soon? So… go nuts! Live a little! Shoot first, ask questions never! Be the captain of your ship.

Voyageur is available from Google Play and iTunes, carrying a $3.99 price tag.

Voyageur Launch Trailer