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Volvox Impressions: Triangular Rotation, Blown Apart and Glued Together


Imagine a world in which everything revolves around triangular shapes. Still with me? Great, because in Volvox, Trimoebas – its only resident species – needs your help, to… wait for it… evolve! Well, kinda. Chances are you’ll be too busy navigating its 250 levels to care about a backstory anyway, and some of these will definitely make your head spin.

Now, at first, everything’s nice and easy: move a single Trimoeba around until it aligns with the ‘door’ to end the level. Don’t get too comfortable with such simplicity though, because the complexity increases at a rapid pace, and you’ll soon find multiple Trimoebas, each with their own door. Oh and that whole alignment thing? Yeah, hope you’re good at planning ahead, as you’ll frequently have to use a Trimoeba (gotta love that name) to reach your goal. Quite literally too, as a metaphorical stepping stone, in order to accomplish your goal (reaching that ever-elusive door).

On top of that, there are also different surfaces to deal with, including glue, which gets a Trimoeba stuck – unless it comes into contact with a blue surface, as that’ll let it move along unhindered – and explosives, as well as hooks. Kaboom? Kaboom! Unfortunately I never got to experience neither, finding myself utterly stuck in the initial area, which was… well, all about glue. So much glue. So many ways to – literally – get stuck (get it?). That said, I did enjoy what I got to experience, in no small part due to the fact that Volvox is one of the most original genre entries I’ve played in a long time. So points for originality, difficulty aside.


Time for some bad (and good!) news: while the full version isn’t out just yet, a public 15-level WebGL demo is however available, featuring a decent slice of the game; a taste of things to come, if you will. Might take a while to load, but trust me, it’s worth the wait. Even more so if you’re in the mood for something that’ll make you scratch your head, while also bringing rather stylish visuals to the table. Oh and last but definitely not least, while I still have your attention, what say we get Volvox through Greenlight?

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