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Be a Crazy Risk-Taker as You Glide Through Void Wisp to Rack Up Points

Void Wisp, being a score chaser and all, is not the most complex thing out there. But hey, that’s quite alright because I have a feeling it’s still fun, and at the end of the day, the fun factor is – or should be – what really matters. That and with only two things to remember in terms of gameplay, it also ticks that all-important pick-up-and-play box: staying close to an obstacle will increase your score, while the opposite will, well, slowly decrease it. Also, don’t crash…

I mean, generally speaking, crashing is bad as you only have so many lives, and no lives means no additional points. Which would be bad. So unless you’re playing Caravan mode, in which collisions simply lowers remaining time… probably a good idea to avoid direct contact. Which is pretty darn problematic as staying close to an obstacle is the only way to increase your score.

Void Wisp is a runner where avoiding obstacles isn’t enough. You only gain points by coming close to them. The closer you get, the more point you will earn. Play to safely and you will lose points.

As such, in case that wasn’t abundantly clear at this point, Void Wisp‘s protagonist is a risk taker! Even more so in Survival mode, as collecting certain things and having a high multiplier is the only way to avoid running out of time. Oh, and the further you go in that one, the faster the game gets. On top of all that, there’s also Traveler and Classic modes, the former of which contains obstacles not found in the other three, and its levels are premade. A nice change of pace after all that randomness, I’d wager. So… what are you waiting for?

Void Wisp is available from Steam, itch.io, carrying a $4 price tag.

Void Wisp – Launch Trailer

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