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Unity Pushing the Open-Source Initiative, Starting With Unity Test Tools

Unity Test Tools open source

Ain’t a secret that I’m a fan of open source (look, proof!) and of course, Unity. So even though this is but a sign of things to come, I still deemed it worthy of sharing. Today, Unity Test Tools. Tomorrow, the worl– oh wait, nope, just, well, something. And probably not tomorrow either, but that something is next on their to-do list for… opening the source.

Now, I suppose this goes without saying, but – you don’t need Unity Pro to take advantage of this. You will however require a BitBucket account, and no, I’m not going to touch the whole BitBucket vs. GitHub argument. The reason for them choosing one over the other is listed in the FAQ after all, and at the very top too, so that’s just how it is. Oh and it [Unity Test Tools] will be licensed under MIT/X11, because, fewer restrictions.

Although Unity Technologies has been active in the open-source community for quite some time, this is the first time we’ll be opening the source to components of Unity itself. We’re excited to see what you do with it.

As am I, quite frankly, because while Unity – as an engine – is already quite impressive and flexible, there’s always room for improvement. Always. Nothing is ever perfect… Right. Anyway, what I mean is that even though Unity Test Tools is but a tiny cog in the big wheel, it’s still a cog that has been shared with… everyone.

Seems they’re only just getting started too, as next up is the much-anticipated new UI! In spite of not being a developer, or even remotely adept at programming/design, even I can tell that’s a pretty big deal. I mean, test tools is one thing, but the UI? Now that’s the good stuff, with room for crazy creativity, and hopefully a few additional features/bug fixes/ideas from the community. We’ll see what happens in due time, though.