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Full Version of Unity For PS Mobile, Vita Finally Released

unity for psm psv

Remember a couple of months ago, when news of this awesome addition to the ever-growing list of Unity supported platforms surfaced? Well, back then, the version available was a mere preview build, having features like publishing disabled while still allowing aspiring developers to mess around. But now… the full version has arrived, and guess what? Still 100% free! Good stuff.

That said, while you’ll need to download a dedicated version of the Unity engine for that lovely PSM build option for now, they’ll be “integrating it in the Unity product cycle” soon. But considering it lets ya publish PlayStation Mobile and Vita games with Unity for free, I’d say… totally worth the tiny amount of extra hassle. No hidden fees or silly limitations/restrictions either. Well, except for having to register with Sony, although that’s hardly a major inconvenience.

On top of that, this addition also lets you publish to… wait for it… PlayStation TV. That’s right: Sony’s recent hardware reveal already has Unity support! Details aren’t exactly plentiful at this point however, seeing how the device is not even on store shelves yet, but maybe this means there’ll actually be PlayStation TV exclusive titles? Maybe. Time will tell.

Ain’t all good news though, as non-Windows users won’t have access to the PSM build option. Hopefully this will be remedied in time for the integrated version, as I’m sure more than a few Mac users would love to release a game on PlayStation Mobile and/or Vita. Oh and just in case, here’s the download link.

Be sure to let me know, the second you’re ready to reveal your creation, eh?