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Unity 5.5’s Release Is Augmented With More Particles Than Ever Before

Unity 5.5

It feels like Unity 5.4 just left beta, doesn’t it? Yeah, but… that was in fact several months ago, and now Unity 5.5 is upon us. What this one brings to the table, on top of performance improvements across the board – especially in the rendering department – is the inclusion of Microsoft Holographic support. That’s right: it’s time to get augmented, HoloLens style!

Or, more accurately, it’s time to board the augmented HoloLens train (right?) and start making AR games to really show what this fancy tech can do. Last time I checked, there weren’t exactly an abundance of such titles, so no better time than the present to get started. Better now than x months / years in the future, when everyone’s working on augmenting reality, after all.

On top of that, there’s also fun little changes in the IAP department, which should give cross-platform developers an easier time, far as monetization goes. That said, while the new feature is called ‘Codeless IAP’, I suspect some coding will still be required for it to work across multiple platforms (and store fronts). Could be wrong, though. Imagine that.

Oh, how about some grand ol’ performance improvements, alongside a bunch of fancy new visual tools? Yup, and there’s even Visual Studio Code support as of 5.5; something I suspect quite a few will find useful, Visual Studio being pretty darn popular and all.

Unity 5.5.0 release notes

(Source: Unity 5.5 is ready for you)

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