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Construct Silhouettes With Shadowy Building Blocks In ‘Umbragram’


Don’t ya just love when a game does something new and interesting with a tired game type? In this case it’s block puzzlers, as Umbragram replaces the typical block pushing/pulling/sliding mechanic with something completely different: build two structures based on silhouette blueprints in each level, while making sure no shadows are cast outside the marked areas. How’s that for a different brainteaser, eh?

Needless to say, given its isometric view, perspective plays a huge role in this one. Figuring out exactly which block to place where to make it cast the proper shadow can be tricky at times, although rarely headscratchingly challenging, thanks to the inclusion of an undo feature. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this’ll make the game easy though. That said, after playing for a good bit, I did kinda find myself wishing for a ‘reset puzzle’ button in its place, but alas, no such thing.

Umbragram is a puzzle game about perception.

After finishing the first few constructions, the difficulty ramps up noticeably, tasking you to build some pretty complex shapes across the two walls… from a single set of blocks. These can only be placed on the ground, on top of, and on the side of blocks; needless to say, you’ll be rotating the 5×5 grid quite a bit to get the right angle for each step.

The only flaw in this otherwise entertaining puzzler, is that unless you know exactly what to do and/or plan accordingly, certain puzzles might become a less than stellar trial-and-error based affair. But in spite of that, I’d still recommend Umbragram, because during times when everything’s going according to plan, there’s plenty of fun to be had.