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Ultra Hat Dimension: For the Love of Hats and Slapfights

Ultra Hat Dimension

After playing puzzle games, I have a tendency to go “ugh, my head hurts”, although mostly from the puzzles. Not quite so with Ultra Hat Dimension, as I don’t recall ever being punched so much in the face in another genre entry. It was brutal. Fun, but brutal. All I wanted was to find the key and reach the exit, but nope. Punch punch punch! Oh right, something something many hats. And punches.

Left, right, up or down. Those are your options for movement here, and you’d do well to plan ahead of time, as approaching one of them Spluff things will net you a slap. Right to the face. Pow! Also, you get pushed a single tile away from whichever direction they’re facing. Chain reactions? Oh you better believe there are plenty of those, so like I said, tread carefully. Or… make your own maps with the editor and laugh evilly as other players get punched on their way to the key and / or exit, because why not?

Incidentally, according to the trailer (below), it seems you do get some payback later on, pushing the darn things into water and other fun stuff. All in the name of trekking through the Spluff Palace, to defeat your arch-nemesis. Whoever he / she / it is. Probably another hat collector who likes to punch. Punch to the lovely music playing in Ultra Hat Dimension. POW!

Ultra Hat Dimension is available from itch.io, at a flat $5.

Ultra Hat Dimension, Out Now! (Extended Release Trailer)

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