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Experience Earth’s Jurassic Oceans First-Hand In Upcoming Time Machine VR

Time Machine VR

If you’ve ever wanted to really experience Earth’s Jurassic oceans, Time Machine VR, cheesy name aside, might be your best bet for the foreseeable future. Plenty to see while you’re there, and of course, DNA to analyze. But it’s not all fun and games, as all of a sudden… something something deadly plague, past, present and future now in jeopardy.

Surprising exactly no one (or at least, I should hope not), seeing how VR is part of the title and all, you will need an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive to play Time Machine VR. Still here? Good, because something tells me this’ll be a journey not to miss. 3D documentaries about said oceans is one thing, but moving the experience into a VR environment? Now that’s got immersion potential, and that’s from someone generally not exactly hyped regarding this particular tech.

Players need only strap on a headset to come nose-to-nose with the leviathans of early Earth in a vivid, scientifically-sound reproduction of the oceans of the Jurassic period.

Now, to assist you in the task at hand, lo and behold: technology! Various so-called “high-tech powers” – Time Freeze, Scan, Bait, Echo and more – are at your disposal, hopefully making your trip back in time both safer and easier. Hopefully. Hard to say though, because who knows what awaits in these ancient waters? Who indeed.

Even though Time Machine VR won’t be available in its entirety until April, an incomplete version does reside on Steam‘s Early Access platform. Do note the VR hardware requirement before dropping $19.99 though. Alternatively, one could get a sneak preview at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference. Bring on the aquatic behemoths of ancient times!


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