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On Steam, the Week Prior: Spaaaaace!

Several good ones this past week. Maybe it’s the loom of Christmas? Probably not. Or maybe it is. Who’s to say?

DEATHPIT 3000: Release Trailer

DEATHPIT 3000 ($3.99)
Say what you will about twin-stick shooters, but this one… looks fun! Kill for cash, check. Co-op, check. Flashy visuals, heck yeah! I dare you to point out something in its trailer that’s unappealing. Go on. Do it!

Odysseus Kosmos – Teaser

Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest ($14.99)
Ah, nothing like the threat of a nearby black hole to really mix things up when the boredom of outer space gets to be a tad much. That is of course, provided you don’t care about the fact that said black hole actually poses a threat. I did mention that part, right? Also, what’s with that strange robot?