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On Steam, The Week Prior: Shadow Skipping

Ever go through a week’s worth of Steam additions, more than fifty of the sort in fact, only to find but a tiny handful that seemed interesting once trailers came into view (so to speak)?

In The Shadows Launch Trailer

Watch this video on YouTube.

In The Shadows ($15.99)
Honestly, I was ready to move past this one because of all the box pushing (because everyone loves that aspect of 2D games, right?), but then something happened and the game’s title even started making sense. And don’t tell me those ‘monsters’ aren’t kinda cute. You know you just want to pet them. Right up to the point where they turn into a key…

Skipper – The hardest lowpoly puzzle game in the universe

Watch this video on YouTube.

Skipper ($3.99)
You know how sometimes a puzzle game comes along with deceptively relaxing features? This definitely looks to be one of those – and not just because the trailer bills it as the ‘hardest lowpoly puzzle game in the universe’ either. I mean, I’m awful at puzzle games, so I decided to simply ignore that title and watch the trailer anyway. Glad I did too, because man, that cube… just skipping along. What? Oh don’t give me that look.