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On Steam, the Week Prior: Spuds and Medicine

Hmm… another week of few interesting releases. Quite peculiar. Almost as if every non-console/-mobile developer with eyecatching stuff are on vacation. That said, those that made the cut are at least… unique. Very unique.

Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?! Demo Trailer

Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?! ($7.99)
Hell’s Kitchen! Wait, no. Not really. Although… I’m sure you’ll get yelled at just the same, should you mess up in this colorful chef management sim. Also, you’re in hell. Hence the name. So get cooking!

Wunderdoktor – Launch Trailer

Wunderdoktor ($9.99)
Show of hands, who wants to… uh, “cure rare and exotic diseases” for a living? Really? Great, because that’s your gig here, and far as I can tell, your clients are a rather varied bunch. Also… wait, is that a shark? Yup, that’s a shark. A SHARK! Wow. What are those things flailing about his upper body, though?