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On Steam, the Week Prior: So… many… games!

End of January! Well, almost. But before we reach February… a new edition of On Steam, the Week Prior! Cue (almost) spring.

Defend the Highlands World Tour Trailer

Defend the Highlands: World Tour ($9.99)
Golf balls! Porridge! Cannons! And… other weapons? Well, looks like just about anything goes in this zany Scottish tower defense – and I wholeheartedly approve!

Tesla vs Lovecraft Release Trailer

Tesla vs Lovecraft ($14.99)
Now there’s a fight I’d love to see. Or experience. Which is exactly what this game lets me do, as it turns out, in glorious, chaotic twin-stick fashion. You’re going down, Lovecraft!

Dust and Salt Launch Gameplay Trailer

Dust and Salt ($7.99)
Choose-your-own-adventure with turn-based tactical encounters and a smidge of RPG elements? HOOK ME UP!

Celeste Launch Trailer

Celeste ($19.99)
Wow. I’m a bit burnt out on platformers these days, but this might actually rekindle my interest in the genre. Look at that art style! Listen to that music! And… selfie!

The Eclipse is Coming – The Mind's Eclipse

The Mind’s Eclipse ($9.99)
There’s weird, there’s stylish, there’s awesome, and there’s ‘what the heck is going on?!’. This is, without a doubt, all of those.

Scrapper Gameplay Trailer

Scrapper ($9.99)
So you’re scavenging outer space, which makes you a– oh! Scrap collector. I get it now. Clever. Also, that fuel meter sure drains quickly. Wonder what happens when it runs out, this being a roguelite and all. Probably… kaboom. Yeah.

Still Not Dead: Final Trailer

Still Not Dead ($9.99)
There’s just something about mixing rogue(lite) with first person shooters and throwing in hordes of the undead, ya know? Sprinkle a little pixel art on top of it all, and you have the makings of a fun time. Maybe.

Season's Beatings Trailer (sing-along)

Season’s Beatings ($9.99)
I know that Christmas has come and gone, and releasing a game like this near the end of January is odd to say the least. Ignoring that though, who doesn’t enjoy some fast-paced first-person arcade shooting? Like, super fast, of the shoot-or-they-kill-you-immediately variety. Do you feel lucky, Santa?

Iconoclasts Gameplay Trailer – Coming to PC, PS4 & PS Vita January 23

Iconoclasts ($19.99)
Is anyone really surprised to find this game made the cut? I should hope not, as it’s been a long time coming, and as a fan of Joakim Sandberg’s other works (especially Noitu Love 2: Devolution), I have very high hopes for his latest creation.