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On Steam, the Week Prior: Choose Your Own Egypt

Weirdness, madness, craziness, and all other kinds of -ness… in this edition of On Steam, the Week Prior!

Rusty Lake Paradise Official Trailer

Rusty Lake Paradise ($3.99)
I’ve said it before, but holy crap on a cracker, weird indie games are the best – and this is certainly one such. That said, based on the trailer I was wondering just what was going on, but as it turns out, the game revolves around the ten plagues of Egypt. Now said trailer makes perfect sense. I mean, it’s still super weird, but… you know what I mean. Brilliant.

Choose Wisely ($3.99)
Choose-Your-Own-Adventure(tm) turned tile-based fantasy RPG? Sure, why not! Sign me up. Right now. Also, a decapitated nun?!