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‘The Stillness of the Wind’ Aims to Tell a Tale of Precious Few Remaining Days

Talma was once part of a community – a bustling village, so to speak – but that was many years ago, and unfortunately, everyone have long since moved to the city. Whether the grass is truly greener on the other side is unknown. Unknown to all but Talma that is, as she decided to stay behind, homestead and all. Time will tell how such a decision ends up impacting her remaining days in The Stillness of the Wind.

While that may all sound more than a bit gloomy, at least there’s plenty to keep Talma (and by extension, the player) busy, potentially even raising her spirits; and best of all, you get to choose how each day as her is spent! There are goats to milk, which can then be turned to cheese and traded for the likes of animal feed, seeds and… other things. Including shotgun shells, for some reason. So much for a peaceful existence, or perhaps she’s simply arming herself in defense against pesky birds? Hard to say.

Oh, and there’s also a travelling merchant who doubles as a mailman, every so often delivering a letter or two from friends and family – you know, those jerks who up and moved to the big city what feels like an eternity ago. Mention is also made of both “exotic items” and “fables”, on The Stillness of the Wind‘s Steam page, although that’s about it. Nothing more descriptive, leaving us to ponder exactly what those are and how – if at all – they are going to affect the life of Talma. Intriguing, nonetheless!

Update: fixed URLs, price tag added, game is out!


The Stillness of the Wind will be is available on Steam, “When the goats are ready” right now, at $12.99.

The Stillness of the Wind Launch Trailer