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The Sexy Brutale Is Quite the Mischievous Little Time Loop Murder Mystery

The Sexy Brutale

Masked balls are supposed to be fun, adding a bit of mystery and intrigue to the party, attracting quite the varied crowd, and so on. Unfortunately, the one at The Sexy Brutale kinda ditched the ‘fun’ part, in favor of… well, a never-ending day of murder, mayhem, and mystery. A mystery which might even involve otherworldly aspects! Chilling stuff, really, and all hope rest on the shoulders of one Lafcadio Boone, the game’s protagonist. We’re doomed.

Or perhaps not? I mean, a day that keeps resetting does bring about certain advantages when trying to solve a mystery. Experimentation and exploration can be conducted with little to no consequences, as any failures can/will be reverted come next ‘reset’, and sooner or later, you are bound to have figured out how to save everyone. Hopefully. Maybe. Given the overall dark tone of this one, chances are someone is going to bite the bullet, no matter what. Right?

The enigmatic Marquis – owner and maestro of the mansion – appears to be missing from his own party. In his absence, his guests are being murdered by mansion’s staff in a range of bizarre and horrifying ways.

That said, seeing how the official description does make a note of how the player will be able to acquire “occultseeming powers” from saved guests… uh… I’m just gonna put my money on ‘everyone lives’ instead; and not just because those powers – whatever they are – will likely prove downright crucial in figuring out what is going on either. Eavesdropping, striking up conversations and manipulation will only get you so far after all, even if time is very much on your side. So get to it, Lafcadio – the longest day of your life is about to begin, deep within The Sexy Brutale.

The Sexy Brutale is available on PC (Steam, GOG.com), PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

The Sexy Brutale Launch Trailer

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