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Bundle In A Box Revival Finally Happening, Courtesy of Groupees

groupees bundle in a box

It’s been a while since Bundle In A Box closed its doors, much to the dismay of many. Personally, I’d love for them to have kept on truckin’, but unfortunately, that simply wasn’t in the cards. I do have some good news too, though: Groupees just announced that they’re continuing the bundle boxing, and that a new one is right around the corner!

That said, not even I know what’s going to change – if anything – for upcoming Bundle In A Box outings. On the list of things that won’t change however, is the strong focus on DRM-free indie games, which has been a core component of Bundle In A Box since day one. This way, no one will be forced to install Desura, Steam, or any of the other ‘launchers’ so many developers have tied their game to. Probably also means we won’t be seeing any Steam-only titles, for example, but oh well.

Now, for the time being, everything from previous [Bundle In A Box] outings will remain where they’ve always been, but eventually that stuff will be migrated to Groupees’ servers. Accounts will be part of the migration though, so unless you’d rather not deal with Groupees at all – and I honestly don’t see why that’d be the case – there’s no need to rush over and grab your keys, games and whatnot. Their bundles (ie. Build a Greenlight, Be Mine and the much too infrequent Doujin themed) are generally pretty good after all, and I’m sure upcoming boxed ones will be too. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, Kyttaro Games‘ complete departure from boxing bundles together does leave them with a lot of free time, which will apparently be spent making “an epic and wildly different RPG”. Sounds awesome, eh? Here’s to hoping it will be, and that more details on it will be released to the public (or, you know, the press) sooner, rather than later.

So for now, a big “thank you” to Groupees for doing this. Just don’t mess it up, ya hear?

(Source: Bundle In A Box, Groupees)