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The Public Domain Jam: Public Domain Stories, Characters Made Games

The Public Domain Jam 2014

Zombies. They’re everywhere. In video games, movies, music, books, you-name-it. It’s completely out of control, and why is that exactly? Because they’re free to use! Okay so that’s hardly the only reason, but I’m sure it’s high on the list. Anyway, as Gritfish notes on the website, the undead horde is but one of many freely available characters, and as such, the one-week Public Domain Jam came to be!

Personally, I’ve got no beef with zombies, although they have been used a tad much in recent years, and in almost any form of media to boot. Not that this jam is on a crazy anti-zombie trip or anything of the sorts, mind you. It’s just an example most are familiar with by now. Zombie movies are a dime a dozen after all, and as far as literature goes, heck, there’s actually a zombie version of Pride & Prejudice. Again, not a bad thing, but… something something oversaturation.

Why not make a Robin Hood archery game, a Sherlock Holmes point-and-click adventure, or go crazy and make a Les Miserables bullet-hell shmup?

Whether or not any of the fifty-nine submitted games feature everyone’s favorite archer or the famous Bakerstreet detective is for you to find out, as the entire lot can be found on the jam website. A quick glance reveals that easily recognizable tales like The Little Match GirlThree Little Pigs, War of the Worlds and One Thousand and One Nights, among other, have been turned into games for this particular jam. Intriguing!

The Public Domain Jam