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The Museums Jam is Eagerly Awaiting Entries For The Zium Gallery 2018!

Alright, let’s get the obvious joke out of the way: “This game jam belongs in a museum!” There. Now onto the task at hand, which is… to construct a museum of some sorts, before the end of April 2018. Or a game that takes place inside one, perhaps. Maybe even… I don’t know, one made of slime surrounding a museu– wait, no, that’s Ghostbusters II. Kinda. Uh, ignore that last bit.

In all seriousness though, The Museums Jam (or The Pippin Barr Game Idea Jam #2: The Museums Jam, in full) is certainly among the more unique game jams I’ve come across. It’s one thing to have a head-scratchingly odd theme after all, but everything about this one is… well, odd. In a good way! Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally onboard with the idea of making a (non-)game revolving around a museum, in some way. Sky’s the limit.

Now, as for why you would want to partake in this game jam: one entry will be selected for a spot this year’s The Zium! What this means is that said creation will be “integrated whole-sale and in-tact into the gallery, as a nested Gallery inside The Zium Gallery itself”, which sounds pretty darn neat if you ask me. Of course the most important thing during jams, as always, is to have fun. But a prize like that is nothing to sneeze at.

Who knows, maybe we’ll see enough entries to justify the inclusion of several other, smaller awards? More on that as we near the deadline, which is April 30th 2018, I suppose. Oh, and do make sure you peruse pippinbarr’s instagram for inspiration and poke @thezium on Twitter with any and all questions. Off to the museum(s) we go!

The Pippin Barr Game Idea Jam #2: The Museums Jam