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The Love Jam: Bond Over Game Making, Show a Less Bleak Side of the Industry

The Love Jam

Glancing across social media and news outlets these past few months is a great way to remind everyone about this thing, this, abomination, known as GamerGate. It’s a massive headache for developers and players alike, so… what better time to host a game jam, in an effort to (hopefully) highlight the more positive aspects of [the industry]? None.

Like August’s Peace, Love & Jam, The Love Jam tackles a broader theme than most game jams by… well, including pretty much an entire industry. Only, this time it’s all about “positivity, inclusion, diversity, and the awareness of systemic issues in the game industry”, rather than the making of non-violent games. Still pretty similar though, as I’m sure we can agree that the best way to send a positive message in a game, is to limit the violence; physical and verbal.

It’s easy to feel like the world is grim and somber, especially after the nastiness of the last few months, but we believe that a game jam about love and hope can disrupt that trend.

Indeed. The Love Jam is set to take place from November 14 to November 15. Be sure to visit their Tumblr for more details, and don’t be afraid to poke them via. Twitter with questions. Here’s to a brighter future for the industry with less nonsensical drama, and of course, a successful jam. Time for some peace, love and harmony!