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The Last Federation’s Vast Tactical Spaceness Expands With The Lost Technologies

the last federation the lost technologies

In space, no one can hear you… blow your enemies to smithereens! Doesn’t make it less fun in The Last Federation though, and like last year, 2015 also brings with it a sizeable expansion. In this one, the focus is on The Lost Technologies, what with a ton of new racial techs, an additional game mode, enemies with flagship abilities (oh crap…) and plenty more good stuff. Good stuff? Good stuff.

But before you spend that hard-earned cash on Arcen Games’ latest addition to their ever so tactical sci-fi hit, let’s take a look at what’s new, starting with… wait, what’s this? Free DLC in the form of a content update, containing three new events and alliance types? Groovy. Oh and new achievements, for those into collecting virtual trophies. Me, I’d rather just make my adversaries explode and salvage the, well, salvage. But that’s just me.

Anyway, The Lost Technologies‘ focus being tech (obviously) and all, it probably goes without saying that alongside the additions, tweaks to the core experience have also been made. One of these comes in the form of ‘side effects’, directly impacting techs during combat – for better or worse. That’ll certainly teach those who thought they had their strategies all worked out, eh? Or maybe not. We’ll see.

Everyone will however be required to re-strategize (it’s a word!) in the new Tech Race mode though, as here, the victor is determined through science. Nothing else. I mean, annihilating your opponents does still help, but… it won’t bring victory about. Politics? Same. Science and only science. For science. Something something monster.

The Last Federation: The Lost Technologies is available from GOG.com, Steam and direct, where it carries a $6.99 price tag (base game required).

Note: The Last Federation Bundle has both The Last Federation and its two expansions, at an overall cheaper price.

The Last Federation: The Lost Technologies (Trailer)

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