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Point, Click and Horror Happens: ‘The Last Door’ Episode Six Has Left Beta

The Last Door Chapter Six (beta)

Spines will be chilled for evil is afoot, and… well, someone will most likely die. This is after all a horror tale, and a grim one at that. Especially for Jeremiah Devitt, series protagonist, as he’s had quite a rough road so far. A road that’ll likely take him through darker and more sinister places in the future. But alas, in this sixth episode, you’ll be taking on the role of two different characters in his place; both of which fans should be quite familiar with by now.

According to its creator, ‘My Dearest Visitor’ is supposedly the longest episode to date, featuring “more puzzles, sceneries, characters than ever”, along with a brand new soundtrack to really crank up the atmosphere. Groovy. Oh and for those keeping track, it’s also the second episode of the second season, ya know? A season which will conclude after four episodes it seems, and I’d be very surprised if a third [season] didn’t follow. Very surprised indeed.

​Explore the mansion of Kaufmann’s mentor to learn about his relation to Devitt’s past. Dive into his archives in search of the occult and go on a jouney to the fishing village of Wickport to meet the new and peculiar characters around town.

Now, before we get down to the nitty-gritty which involves the spending of money, here’s a quick rundown of what The Last Door is all about, for those new to the series. The story, lead (mostly) by one Jeremiah Devitt, takes place in Victorian England, where he suddenly receives a mysterious letter from a childhood friend. Given its dark themes and gruesome overall tone, needless to say, it’s not for the faint of heart. What it is however, is a rather enticing and exciting adventure, one full of spine-chilling music and lovely pixellated visuals, with plenty of jumpscares to boot. Point, click and… watch out!

As far as accessing the episodes goes, you have several options; they do all involve spending money, however. If you’re a new player, I’d recommend season 1, which’ll set ya back €5 ($5.50), to then continue with season 2 (€10 ($10.70)). Or hey, mix and match from the store page. Buying season packs is the cheaper option however, so keep that in mind, as you prepare to journey through… The Last Door!

The Last Door – Season Two