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Close ‘The Last Door’ With the Release of Series Finale, ‘Beyond the Curtain’

the last door beyond the curtain

Feels like forever ago when Jeremiah Devitt got that life-changing letter from his childhood friend. A letter which sent him – and several other characters – on a crazy, spine-chilling, pointy and clicky journey, spanning a grand total of eight episodes. Now the finale is upon us, which means we’ll hopefully finally get some answers… right? Yeah. We’ll see.

After two years and change, the pixellated adventure series has come to a close, but for those not in the know, here’s a quick what’s what: The Last Door is an uncanny tale full of horror and suspense, taking place in Victorian England. The entire thing starts with its protagonist – Jeremiah Devitt – suddenly receiving a mysterious letter from a childhood friend – one he hasn’t heard from in a very long time, so… why now? Why indeed.

One thing leads to another, something something with something, and as is often the case with tales such as this, people die. Plural. It’s a bit of a massacre actually, ya know? Seriously, while pixellated, the scenes depicted here are still not exactly for the faint of heart. They do however come together to form an interesting adventure, one featuring uncanny music and stylish visuals. Oh and puzzles, because, genre stable, ya know?

After forcibly [spoiler], Wakefield explores [spoiler], where the final truth will be revealed.

Now, to access this chapter, including the beta, a donation of €4 ($4.30) is required. Alternatively, you could spend €10 ($10.83) and grab the entire second season, although if you’re new to the series, be sure to grab and play through season one first (€5 / $5.40). Either way, no better time than the present to get scared out of your mind, pointing and clicking the night away in The Last Door: Beyond the Curtain! Remember, there is nothing to fear but fear itself…

The Last Door – Season Two