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‘The Last Door’ Chapter 5 Interlude Released, Full Version Due on the Spookiest Night

The Last Door: The Eyeless Mask (interlude)

Remember when I told ya how The Last Door was getting a second season? Well, it’s coming sooner than I expected, which is a very good thing. In approximately three weeks, the spooky saga continues with its fifth chapter, but until then… we’ll have to make do with a taste of things to come.

That is, if you’re a Kickstarter backer/premium member, because otherwise you’ll have to wait like everyone else for October 31 to come around. I’d say forking over €15 (~$19) to The Game Kitchen to gain such access is well worth it though, as it lets you play every last chapter immediately as they’re released. Oh and you get beta access too (the Chapter 5 beta starts on October 10). First four chapters are free to play though, meaning that its creator has made quite the sizeable ‘demo’ available, in case you’re part of the try-before-you-buy crowd – I certainly am, for the most part.

As has always been the case with The Last Door, beta testing isn’t simply about finding bugs and helping The Game Kitchen polish their creation ahead of launch; there’s also the possibility of getting to ‘leave your mark’ on an in-game object, as it were. Something like that’s obviously not equally important to everyone, but I’d be surprised if there weren’t at least a few out there, to whom such would appeal. And hey, if not that, then… there’s always bug hunting. Fewer bugs does mean a smoother launch after all, which – in theory – translates to slightly better reviews, and in the end, higher sales figures. Hopefully.

Anyway, quick recap: beta testing of The Last Door Chapter 5 begins on October 10 (for premium members/Kickstarter backers), full version will be released on October 31 (again, premium/backers only). So for now, what say ya fire up The Eyeless Mask? If you’ve finished season 1 that is, because otherwise, chances are the story won’t make a lot of sense; hence the whole season/episode stuff.