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The Last Birdling Spins a Tale of Friendship Torn Apart by Racial Differences

The Last Birdling

Why humans and Birdlings can’t just get along is beyond me, but in The Last Birdling, humans are to be killed on sight by Birdlings. Doesn’t matter who you are or how you feel about the whole thing, because that’s just how it is. And this is also where things get complicated for Bimonia, one of few remaining Birdlings, as she one day, of all things, ends up becoming friends with Tayo, a human! Logic dictates that Bimonia should simply kill Tayo, no matter the cost. But instead the two decide to take on the world, tradition, warring races, and all that, be damned. Groovy? Hell yeah!

Now, in case the above screenshot didn’t give it away, The Last Birdling is a visual novel, and if you’re a regular reader of my writings, chances are you’re familiar with its creator too. Been covering the creations of InvertMouse since early 2014 after all, and even though not a whole lot is known about this one… I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to find out what will become of these two unfortunate souls, caught on opposing sides of a war they (most likely) wanted nothing to do with in the first place (cue dramatic music).

This project originated from a 4000 word short story named The Last Dragon, which I wrote mostly as an experiment. I wanted to see how it felt to craft a story without any dialogue. This rule has been abolished in The Last Birdling, plus the plot has been thickened, and now here we are.

On top of what will hopefully be a thrilling read, this being a visual novel and all, well, wouldn’t you agree that the artwork on display is actually quite lovely? A bit of digging reveals that Tooaya, who was also the character artist for Cursed Sight, is back for more with some rather expressive designs. What am I referring to? Ah, this is where I tell you to go check out The Last Birdling on Greenlight, maybe give it a vote when you’re done browsing screenshots, each of which reveals a tiny slice of the tale. A tale set to become available in its entirety once calendars reach July.

Until then, how about taking the demo (Windows, Mac, Linux) for a spin?

The Last Birdling trailer

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