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Bwana and Kito Looking to Crowdfund Their Final The Journey Down Adventure

The Journey Down: Chapter 3 (KS)

Alright so it’s actually SkyGoblin who’s attempting to get The Journey Down: Chapter Three kickstarted, not Bwana and Kito. Last time I checked, video game characters, no matter how groovy, were unable to do such a thing, after all. Seriously though, the final chapter of The Journey Down is almost upon us, and… well, its development is looking to be crowdfunded!

But first, a quick rundown for for those not familiar with The Journey Down: it is pretty much the adventure of a lifetime for Bwano, his trusty sidekick Kito, and of course… the player. What begins with the discovery of a lost journal leads to so much more. Danger! Excitement! Puzzles involving coffee. Lots of coffee. Perhaps even a trip to the mysterious Underland, where every shadow plays host to a dark secret and peril looms around every corner? Perhaps. One thing’s certain: that one discovery has forever changed the lives of our two protagonists. (Alternatively, you could simply glance at my review of The Journey Down: Chapter One. Hint hint)

To be clear, the amount we ask for this campaign does not cover all the costs for creating the trilogy. It doesn’t even cover all the costs for Chapter Three. Actually, we’ve already covered most costs ourselves using money from previous sales and occasional contract work coming our way. Yes, we do sell ourselves to other game studios now and then..

Now, as mentioned earlier, before this particular tale can come full circle, there’s the financial matter to deal with. How much? A quick glance at the Kickstarter page says $35,748 before 1:14pm CEST on October 31 should do the trick. Pre-order tier’s placed at $11, while $18 – if you’re quick – gets ya all three chapters instead. Not a bad deal, all things considered. Feeling generous and / or want to name an in-game pirate? That’ll be approximately $757, and there’s only one of those left, so again – act fast. And finally, in the off-chance that the goal is not reached… I’m going to be very disappointed in point ‘n click adventure fans across the globe. Very disappointed indeed. Just saying.

[The Journey Down]

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