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The Greenlight Groove: ‘Quantum Conscience’, ‘Mayan Death Robots’ and More


It’s a fact that many Steam users don’t check or even notice most Greenlight additions. There are simply too many, making it rather time consuming. Hoping to alleviate this problem somewhat, I bring you The Greenlight Groove, featuring my recommendations from the past week!

Keep in mind that those listed below are by no means the only new arrivals, simply those I gave my ‘yes’ vote. With that in mind, would you kindly help make sure none end up as a potential Stuck In Greenlight Limbo candidate, by voting? Oh and do provide their creators with feedback. I’m sure they’ll appreciate anything, as long as it’s expressed properly (please, be nice).

Attack of the Labyrinth

Attack of the Labyrinth (@MattGoles)
The forces of evil have invaded the land. A labyrinth of evil has appeared in the kingdom and legions of monsters are pouring out of its vile depths. The king has called upon a small party of heroes, the Champions of Virtue, to vanquish the demon within and free the land from a grim fate!

Mayan Death Robots

Mayan Death Robots (@silenistudios)
Mayan Death Robots is an artillery game (think Worms) where massive alien robots duke it out in a deathmatch during the peak of the Maya civilization, 600 years ago.


Flamberge (@hydezeke) [Kickstarter]
Flamberge is an RPG at heart. Players will control many different characters with different abilities and strengths. However, the main gameplay feature of the game is simultaneous turns. Players plan out multiple movements and attacks at once, and the turn is resolved at the same time as the enemy. The player must anticipate enemy actions in order to win.

Just Get Through

Just Get Through (@Retrific)
Just Get Through is a fast, easy to learn, but difficult to master, randomly generated platformer with a destructible environment and a powerful sandbox mode.


Urja (@PlayUrja)
The king is deceitful, the queen is wicked, and the bishop unholy. In every land it’s the same. Corrupted knights and power hungry pawns. It’s time for change. You’ve waited long enough. Be brave. Be daring. Be the last one standing.

The Eigengrau Menagerie

The Eigengrau Menagerie
You are a pilgrim with powers over empathy. Gather information. Edit reality. The Thoughtforms await. Find your purpose in this uniquely challenging game, where your success is determined by your critical thinking and your cleverness!

OASE - Other Age Second Encounter

OASE – Other Age Second Encounter (@zeivainc)
OASE – Other Age Second Encounter is a quirky, bizarre game that incorporates several different types of gameplay into one – puzzle, adventure, dating sim, and visual novel. it’s a primarily parody game, with over-the-top comedy and homage to many different anime, manga and RPG games. There are a total of 10 girls to summon and 60 endings to unlock.

Quantum Conscience

Quantum Conscience (@JaydenWoods)
In this dramatic visual novel, a secret war rages between two intergalactic agencies. One of them—ARCHON—is developing the technology to invade people’s minds. They use this power to rule over a planet called Teballai, and hope to use their mind-reading technology to spread their influence across the galaxy. A second organization, FOE, wants to destroy ARCHON’s technology in the name of freedom–or so they claim. After all, could anyone truly give up the power to read the minds of those around them?