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The Greenlight Groove: ‘ADOM’, ‘Sunless Sea’ and More


It’s a fact that many Steam users don’t check or even notice most Greenlight additions. There are simply too many, making it rather time consuming. Hoping to alleviate this problem somewhat, I bring you The Greenlight Groove, featuring my recommendations from the past week!

Keep in mind that those listed below are by no means the only new arrivals, simply those I gave my ‘yes’ vote. With that in mind, would you kindly help make sure none end up as a potential Stuck In Greenlight Limbo candidate, by voting? Oh and do provide their creators with feedback. I’m sure they’ll appreciate anything, as long as it’s expressed properly (please, be nice).

HASTE (Time-bending action)

HASTE (Time-bending action)
When you run, time runs slower for everything but you. Be prepared to lose often – this game is for hardcore players only.

Sunless Sea

Sunless Sea
Take the helm of your customised steamship and set sail for the unknown! Sunless Sea is a 2D game of discovery, survival and loneliness set in the award-winning Victorian Gothic universe of Fallen London. Will you succumb to madness and cannibalism on the black waters? Or return home triumphant with a hold full of precious loot?

The Testament of the White Cypress

The Testament of the White Cypress (@dto1138)
Using the mouse and keyboard, a single player controls a lone monk named Geoffrey as he travels through a post-apocalyptic wilderness on his journey to the great monastery known as Valisade. Gameplay in “Cypress” involves ranged combat with bow-and-arrow, management of food and shelter, NPC conversations, item crafting, and several different magical powers.

Spaceman Sparkles II - Astronaut Shine

Spaceman Sparkles II – Astronaut Shine (@pacemanparkles)
Shoot lasers, dodge dangers, teleport, get items and fight a few bosses…. in SPAAAAACE~!

Don't Shoot Yourself!

Don’t Shoot Yourself! (@m_silverman)
Automatically shoot backward as you move and try not to get hit with your own bullets! Different walls reflect your bullets back at you in various ways. To win each level keep moving until you have fired 100 bullets, but if you stay still for too long the bullet countdown reverses. After 100 shots you fire the magic bullet that breaks through the barrier letting you pass to the next level.

ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)

ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) (@adom_dev)
ADOM was the first roguelike to add a true role-playing experience to the roguelike genre, and boasts a brilliant mix of story, exploration, and intensely strategic and flexible combat. ADOM has been in development since 1994. In 2012 its development was revitalized with an immensely successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo (see the link to the bottom right), now allowing us to offer ADOM both with ASCII and graphical modes allowing you to choose freely, and hopefully in the future also both as Steam- and Non-Steam versions.


It`s a ruthless war for resources in small sector of galaxy between two factions. Conquer new systems as much as possible to gain the fluence points, destroy your enemy and win! No time – enemy not sleeps and do the same. Build your own winning strategy.

Combat Core

Combat Core (@MABManZ)
Combat Core is a 3D arena fighting game that borrows elements from games like Power Stone, Custom Robo, and Super Smash Bros. Hyper-powered multiplayer combat with custom fighters, weapon pickups, powerups, and environmental hazards!