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The Greenlight Groove: ‘The Great Fusion’, ‘Isomer’ and MUCH More


It’s a fact that many Steam users don’t check or even notice most Greenlight additions. There are simply too many, making it rather time consuming. Hoping to alleviate this problem somewhat, I bring you The Greenlight Groove, featuring my recommendations from the past week!

Keep in mind that those listed below are by no means the only new arrivals, simply those I gave my ‘yes’ vote. With that in mind, would you kindly help make sure none end up as a potential Stuck In Greenlight Limbo candidate, by voting? Oh and do provide their creators with feedback. I’m sure they’ll appreciate anything, as long as it’s expressed properly (please, be nice).


Isomer (@Ionisingsw)
You play the role of the commander of an alien force sent to a distant planet tasked with setting up a mining outpost. You land with a dropship and a compliment of minions who will mine for resources, build fortifications and blast any unwitting humans who venture too close. Each world has it’s own distribution of biomes, resources and enemy facilties staffed with angry defenders keen on evicting you from their planet! How long will you survive? What will you find on each world? How large will you build your base and armies?


Otherworld (@PlayOtherworld)
Otherworld is an exploration procedural action-adventure game where the player explores, and uncovers a vast alien world and conspiracy. The player must learn to survive in a hostile alien world, and at the same time, find a way to go home. Otherworld will have action-adventure mechanics, such as crafting, combat, questing, and dungeon-crawling. The eventual goal of the player is to leave Otherworld by reaching a high level of technology, enough so to construct a powerful and efficient rocket.

Cliffs of War: Fortress Defenders

Cliffs of War: Fortress Defenders
Build and defend your 2D side-scrolling fortress on the edge of a mountain! Strengthen the defensive lines on the unique playing filed – a long and narrow path with an abyss on both sides. At the end of the path there is the heart of your fortress – the main tower. This is the last stand and there is only abyss behind it.


Zenzizenzic (@ruudko)
Zenzizenzic is a high paced, adrenaline infused, abstract, challenging and addictive twin stick shoot ’em up bullet hell game for Windows, Mac and Linux! It features a beautiful, cohesive and abstract art style combined with thrilling, addictive one and two player gameplay along with a soundtrack that is sure to get the adrenaline pumping!

The Way

The Way (@Play_Way)
Without giving too much away, The Way tells a story about a member of space explorers team, who lost his beloved one and cannot accept her death. Finding ancient writtings on eternal existence during one of his last expeditions makes him come back there in search of the meaning of life itself. He will soon know that the planet has its own secrets and problems that he will need to face in order to get what he is looking for.

The Spatials

The Spatials (@TheSpatials)
It’s the year 5781 and you have been chosen to build and lead a space station in a wild corner of the galaxy! Design its rooms and corridors to make your staff feel at home. Explore a galaxy with 30 star systems and more than a hundred planets. Complete missions for the Human Federation and discover new allies and… enemies! Fight for survival with a unique real time combat system. Collect loot and equip your officers with the most advanced technology in the galaxy.

The Great Fusion

The Great Fusion
The Great Fusion is a third person graphic adventure set in the year 2022. Rich people are richer and poor people are even poorer. Laws are absurd, the Copyright crusaders prosecute free culture and large corporations are managed by incompetent people. And that’s science fiction, right?


Decromancer (@TheDecromancer)
Decromancer is a tactical battle-card RPG, which injects you into a deep and dangerous world of mystical creatures and villains. Your mission is to help a friendly Diplomat return to her people by battling your way through enemy territory. Build your deck and find the best formation to earn yourself victory in these troubling times.

Cosmonautica - A Space Trading Adventure

Cosmonautica – A Space Trading Adventure (@Chasing_Carrots)
Are you ready for some hilarious adventures in outer space? Cosmonautica combines elements of space trading and life simulation to create an unique experience. Only if you take good care of your crew you will be able to succeed.

Steam and Metal

Steam and Metal
Hordes of steam enemies and huge bosses are waiting to be destroyed. Spectacular levels of handcrafted pixels waiting for someone to pass through them. Scoundrels have killed the professor and stolen his blueprints. Only his brave daughter in an experimental steamdriven aircraft is able to avenge her father’s death. When there are too many enemies — just shoot ’em all up!

CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria

CivCraft – Legends of Ellaria (@CivCraft1)
CivCraft – Legends of Ellaria is a fantasy RPG, where you play in first person, but in CivCraft, you are the king and control an entire kingdom making an exodus into a new and dangerous realm. Your task is to rebuild your kingdom and fight your enemies, and you can build cities, engage in epic battles or explore the mystical land by yourself. Anything in your world is changeable and any building or terrain can be destroyed or rebuilt. CivCraft is also a full sandbox game that doesn’t limit you to a set of maps or rules, and is very rich with ruins, artifacts, enemies and resources.

Havoc Your Way - The Chaos Years

Havoc Your Way – The Chaos Years (@Option4Studios)
The crown for ultimate saint or sinner needs to be won over four stages of life, the school, university, work and retirement home by any means necessary. The aim of Havoc Your Way is to cause as much havoc as you can! Who says havoc has to be all bad though? You choose whether you’re the king of mischief or the saint of saintliness. Who will you be, hero or antihero?


Shiness (@ShinessOfficial)
Shiness is a Role Playing Game which will make you dive into a new adventure across Sky Islands. In a world where every land strives for power, two Wakis named Chado and Poky, traveling aboard a flying boat, accidentally land on a very dangerous island. Prepare yourself for an epic journey into a huge universe that will be remembered for a long time! With its unexpected storylines and nervous gameplay, Shiness is waiting for you to play that story imagined 20 years ago by our Creative Director and finally taken to life.


Skyhill (@MandragoraTeam)
You are a resident of Skyhill hotel,who survived biological catastrophe. Goal – is to get out of your penthouse in search of other people and salvation. But all elevators in the building are off and floors are flooded with hazards. You are not sure is there any other survivors, as far as you know everyone in the building died, or… changed beyond recognition. Those who provided room service and pushed buttons in elevators for you not so long ago… well now all they want is to rip off your flesh to get to your tasty insides… So much for customer service.


Invertium (@LunarKingdomStd)
Invertium is a dark sci-fi platformer with physics-based mechanics, that immerses you in a world of challenging gravity, motion and time puzzles. Unless other games of this kind, Invertium is not only based on ability and speed of reaction, but on the capacity to analyze the situations and figure out the best way to resolve them. It combines a modern mechanics design with a concept of challenge and difficulty from classic arcade games.


inSynch (@ThemGames)
inSynch is an intriguing game, in-between rhythm game and musical instrument. Acting while being acted upon, the players follow the score they compose, expressing their intent and making sense of the music born from their actions. The game is entirely crafted and animated by hand using traditional stop motion animation techniques, giving a fragile and delicate feel to this musical experience.